Here is what other recovering clients are saying about me

Thank you!

KC has recorded an audio file for me. Thank you KC!

Samantha’s session was really great, more detailed and specific getting into the nitty-gritty of the conditions with me. I got a lot of thinking to do. Thank you.


But I felt GREAT today, after the session, lifts my feelings/emotions/energy.. not in a rut, tried something new, and I did it just like that. That’s how stroke can be, depression etc it’s hard. But at least I’m THINKING about it, to make a CHANGE,  or try to do something NEW


It has an impactful difference on me and my feelings and life. I.e. but talking things through with Samantha, helps. Takes away the sad/down/dark feelings to a more uplifting/happy/energetic/breath of air feeling. It was a good session/talks, thoughts, ideas, and goals. And I  made actions and did it. So thank you.


Just speaking to Samantha has put me in the right place, with the right mindset, feeling more motivated and more energetic. It was a good thing. If we hadn’t spoken, then I wouldn’t have done it. I’m still smiling inside of me lol while I write ☺️. Also very tired and in pain lol, but the fresh air was a good thing for me. Thank you.


I like how the coaching/conversation flows naturally (bespoke etc).

I like how she picks up something when she coaches/I talk, and she Knows how or when she looks into something a bit more to expand on something, or a topic etc.

Quite naturally, it’s not forced etc.

She has a gift, I like that.


Another thought. When I’m in a stroke state and I’m talking too much, stuttering, sentences,/syntax or words don’t come out right, or the way I want to say it. I need to remember to stop myself and “breath”.
We tried this…. Samantha did this on the first coach and it really helps.
Now I need to catch myself when I go off on one (with the stroke conditions etc) and Stop and Breath, and start again, more calmly, balanced etc. This is great.


After stroke don’t stay grinding your gears in neutral, you still have a lot to give and so much more to achieve. Get out of the grind and contact Sam. She has the listening skills to help you move from neutral to first second third and fourth gear even fifth. You deserve it and she can assist you in goal setting for what you want to achieve. Don’t waste time contact her today, you will not be sorry. She will meet you at whichever gear you are stuck in and will help you move forward and not stuck halfway up the hill.


I personally don’t think she could have done anymore I think most things were covered.

I think you need to be extremely honest with explanations of how you feel.


The total empathy shown by you completely relaxed me and being relaxed helped me open up to, you that was excellent.

The honesty and openness of the coach

My view is that if Sam was to concentrate on getting clients to a place where they are comfortable within themselves then the lady really would make an enormous difference to people living or trying to live with the aftermath of stroke.

….She is an excellent coach

To show more of her understanding of stroke earlier in the sessions as she obviously has a terrific understanding of stroke,

Your demeanour and attitude is fantastic as is your enthusiasm for what you are doing to help your client.

I am finding the whole experience so uplifting and it is brimmed full of positivity and honesty, it is really a pleasure to be working with you, you are becoming a true friend


I could not think of anything she could do differently. It was perfect

I think Sam is dealing and tailoring each session according to what is brought.

Even though it does feel uncomfortable when Sam keeps pushing for answers, but it is a good thing as it pushes me out of my comfort zone.

It was the first session, and I had a lot to say. Sam was really attentive and gave good feedback. She challenged me at the right time and made me think things I didn’t think about before. It was the direct push in the right direction.


I felt that I was in a safe place [with Sam]


I can’t recommend Sam enough really have had 3 coaching sessions with her and one day something clicked and I started doing all that I had been putting off which made a difference to me.

She listens and she understands being a strike survivor and thrive herself. You won’t go wrong and she can help you to help yourself. BEST OF LUCK. WITH YOUR RECOVERY

I was heard and listened to and you used when I went off at a tangent and brought me back to focus.

I always feel I am being listened to and heard speaking with Sam makes me feel I am being pro-active in organising and structuring my life with a can-do attitude making me feel re-engaged and revitalised

Everything, the listening, the prolong questions brought me back from the edge to the centre, where I can go after a target

I couldn’t ask Sam to do anymore. And I am pleased with what I have accomplished thus far.


I found her easy to talk to, she did think of ways she could help the situation

She was very effective, she understood what I was talking about