As a former stroke survivor and NHS Coaching and an N.L.P. graduate, I offer the services to the rehab facilities, hospitals and post-Stroke charities in the UK and medical concierges or to a private survivor

Sample Coaching Program

All Coaching sessions delivered online

4-6 Individual One-on-One Coaching sessions – tailored specifically to YOU


4-6 Carer and Stroke Survivor Coaching sessions


or a Group Carer or Care Giver and Survivor Session (max 12 people)

These can include:

  • Client goal setting
  • Competency development
  • Targeted information provision
  • Emotional support and efforts to empower you to get back to life after Stroke
  • Co-designing a coaching intervention to enable you, the survivor to rebuild a meaningful life
  • The design of self-recovery programs with the aim of self-reliance.
  • Or just to listen to you and guide you through an array of carefully crafted questions, to your destination.

You are able, you will get better

I am here for you to make sense of the journey

that you are facing now.

So get in touch and and I will coach you through tailor-made sessions and we will get through this together.

This exercise book is a great one! It details with pictures and it is good for all levels.

Stay Strong Samantha