How do cognitive issues affect you?

It is the unseen element of these issues that gets me. I look ‘normal’ – whatever that ‘normal’ looks like….

Some of the issues facing people like me include:

  • Difficulty in evaluating the result of actions and reduced ability to change behaviour or switch between tasks if needed.
  • Finding it hard to anticipate consequences
  • Decreased ability to make accurate judgements or find solutions if things are going wrong
  • Acting too quickly and impulsively without fully thinking through the consequences, for example, spending more money than can be afforded.
  • Difficulty in controlling emotions which may lead to outbursts of emotion such as anger or crying
  • Rapid mood changes may occur, for example, switching from happiness to sadness for no apparent reason
  • Reduced ability to engage in social interactions
  • Finding it hard to initiate, participate in, or pay attention to conversations
  • Poor judgement in social situations, which may lead to saying or doing inappropriate things
  • Finding it harder to concentrate
  • Difficulty with learning new information
  • Decreased memory for past or current events, which may lead to disorientation.

Not that I suffer from all of them but it is so frustrating that I suffer from any and can do so little about them except for being strong, flexible and understanding and gracious to myself.

That is why I love Neuro Linguistic Programming as it allows my mind to think differently about the situation that I am in.
Stay Strong