Pre-suppositions? What are they?

As we go about our lives, we do so with a set of beliefs that we formed, based on our life experiences up until this point.
The beliefs that we hold are our best guesses on what we consider to be true.

They become our reality until we change those beliefs.
Yet beliefs are not facts, they are simple principles of how the world seems to be from our perspective. With these beliefs, we will then pre-suppose what to expect in any given situation.

These presuppositions act as a self-fulfilling prophecy as we then filter the world, our perception of others, and our experiences through these presuppositions which in turn will mean we frequently experience it as we expect to!

So just consider for a moment, that if we presupposed a set of convenient beliefs that were more in line with our best outcome for ourselves and others, acted as if these were true, and filtered our world through these presuppositions…the same self-fulfilling prophecy would occur and our experiences would change towards our desired outcome in line with these presuppositions.

What do you presuppose about your stroke?

And about the way that other people will react to your having had a stroke?

Stay Strong Samantha Master Stroke Coaching