Flying after?

What has worked for you?

Many things can change after having a stroke, but it’s slightly easier to deal with things in your own home. Getting out and about can be much more challenging, especially when traveling. It can be anxiety-producing to not know what to expect. So do what you can to help to familiarize yourself as much as possible with the process?

If you’re flying:

  • Look up the airport online. Learn how large the airport is and how to obtain mobility assistance if you think you’ll need it.
  • Find out where restrooms are located inside the airport.
  • If you can, book a seat on the plane near the restroom, so you don’t have a long walk down the plan aisle.
  • Find out if your flight includes a meal and plan accordingly.
  • Make sure you get to the airport early enough so you don’t have to rush to your gate.

If you’re driving:

  • Plan your route around rest stops. This will allow you to take frequent stretch breaks and use accessible restrooms, should you need them.
  • Between rest stops, make sure you take an hourly stretching break in the car to avoid muscle cramps and spasms.
  • Avoid eating only fast food as it will make you feel more sluggish and tired. Pack some healthy snacks to eat along the way.
  • Try not to focus on getting to your destination as quickly as possible, but getting there in a way that feels comfortable to you.

What has worked well for you during your travels? Reply and let me know!

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